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Hope you will like my garden.
Planting : words for bulbs and plants, Gods' love and kindness for sturdy stems, poetry for healthy leaves, short stories for plant shape, help from friends for pruning, patience and persistance for beautiful blooms.
I am hoping and planning to grow a full fledged author, from this ground.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nanowrimo 2010

Hi All
Nanowrimo is back
November 2010
50,000 Words in 30 Days!
Springfield, MO has our
own group for write-ins
and fun. Municipal Liaisons
are Robert and Allie.
Regional Lounge

Join us at:
WriSynSGFMo Informational
Meet up and Broughaha
23 October 2010
At Borders Books Coffee Shop
on South Glenstone
3PM to 7 PM
Sign up, get Badges and Word
Counters at:
Last year was lots of fun. Enjoy!
Pull out your hair,being up, down,
sideways,creating all the emotions in
your arsenal to make a great book
in thirty days!


  1. Are you doing NaNoWrite, Jan? I signed up too. Gotta go read my email now.

  2. Hi Shirley,
    Plan to see you Sat at Sleuth's Ink.
    Hope you will go to the Borders group on the 23rd.


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