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Hope you will like my garden.
Planting : words for bulbs and plants, Gods' love and kindness for sturdy stems, poetry for healthy leaves, short stories for plant shape, help from friends for pruning, patience and persistance for beautiful blooms.
I am hoping and planning to grow a full fledged author, from this ground.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chasing Maria Add ON 28 Days left

Hi all

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Chasing Maria

Nancy B. Daily, is a friend from several Springfield Writers Groups.
I hope you will help her follow her dream. I have heard some of the story she
has already written and the book will be a wonderful addition to all of our libraries. A great gift to share knowledge with others.
This is a wonderful way to fund her project. I am asking you to help her raise the funds for this important fact finding trip to the Rain Forrest.

Chasing Maria
by Nancy B. Dailey
Chasing Maria is final research for the biography I am writing of Maria Sybilla Merian, an unusual artist/scientist of the late 1600s.

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