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Hope you will like my garden.
Planting : words for bulbs and plants, Gods' love and kindness for sturdy stems, poetry for healthy leaves, short stories for plant shape, help from friends for pruning, patience and persistance for beautiful blooms.
I am hoping and planning to grow a full fledged author, from this ground.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

November Almost

Happy Fall
30 October 2009
Today I still have six beautiful pink,QUEEN ELIZABETH Roses, one Red, MR.LINCOLN Rose and one Amethyst color Rose, not sure of the name of it.Friends and I have been busy, having a good time. Curves for exercise. Then out to lunch, grocery store, Wal-Mart, Library,Writing Groups and home again. Thank you God for Home Again!
This Wednesday the 4Th of November will be THE QUILL AND INK CLUB meeting. Speaker will be Reta Stewart Allen. Looking forward to it. Our Breakfast Club will meet that morning at Shelia's South Town Grill.
THE WEEKLY WRITERS GUILD will meet as usual.
Red Hat's meeting this month, 19 November 2009, is at Lola's in Nixa. Our Red Hat, Queen Mum, Char got a Joyful Blessed report from her Doctor. ALL CLEAR OF CANCER AGAIN! Those last treatments worked, again, With God's Healing. She always gives Jesus the credit for her healings.
November is National Novel Writing Month, I signed up at the above link to write 50,000 Words in a month. Several of our fellow Ozarks Romance Authors and Sleuth's Ink members are doing it. Good Wishes everyone. Green Lantern Begins the First!
I am still fascinated with the standing broom. Today I could still stand the broom in the grocery store isle. The effect is not lasting as long as it did when I first heard about it, 18 October 2009. A long married couple came by just after I stood it up and he looked at her and said, "If it will stand by itself,maybe you could ride it." She looked at him like he had said things like that, before today!
I let Emily Bryan know that I had seen her new book, THE CHRISTMAS BALL, here,Marshfield, at the Summerfresh Store and at Wal-Mart. She said, that getting into the grocery stores was really good and sometimes hard to do.
C.L. Wilson has been having fun contests and things to do at her site, to promote her new book that came out Tuesday, the contests continue through this week. This would be good to go over to her site to see neat ways to do with your own book, when you are ready.
Promoting your book was a big part of the meeting with Speaker, Barri L. Bumgarner at the Springfield Writer's Guild last week.
I have a friend, Blanche that always says, "Guess who I saw today?" Everyone asks, "who?" and she will laugh and add,"Everyone I looked at!"
I have no number for the times I said, "Who?" But it was many.
SMILE at everyone.
I really goofed with this. It was supposed to go here, but ended up on the Sleuth's Ink Blog and I apologize for that error. I was not able to go back in and fix it. Thanks, Shirley and Beth for the kind words and help.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Broom Stands Alone !

I saw it myself. A broom standing by itself in Curves when we arrived for exercise this morning, Monday 19 October 2009. One of their customers had heard about this on the web and went to Wal-Mart yesterday. She stood several brooms in the isle and people went around them and never noticed anything special. I ask how they did that? And was told, "I was the first to notice that it was standing alone. Several people had been in and walked around it, worked out and left." I had thought it was just something they had done for Halloween since last week Jennifer the owner had on red wax lips and Lavon had a wax mustache. Lavon said, "The planet alignment made the magnetic polarity cause the broom to stand alone." They turned the fan on and it blew it over. Lavon set it another place and it stood until someone kicked it. Lavon set it in another place and it still worked. We don't know how long it will last. It was working awhile ago when I told a couple of neighbor boys about it. Try it soon. Fun. My broom handle isn't in the center, but off to one side so it didn't work for me. I hope they got a picture of it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Week

Jean and I went to Silver Sneakers to exercise.
Met with Insurance group to find out how much next year will cost.
Home again.
Put poem up on David L. Harrison site
He had a one word subject "DIRT"
My entry:

Dirt, oh boy, mud pies!
I'll make lots and lots,
and set them here to dry.
When that kid down the road comes by,
I'll make him eat them pie by pie.

Prime Time at Jean's Church
Games, Chicken Foot or Mexican Train, and Food
Curves 3:30PM ?

The Jewels Breakfast Club
at Freda's Uptown Cafe
10 AM
3 PM

Red Hats for Jesus
Mary Jane's Tea Room
in Reed Springs
11 AM


Special Curves
Weight Loss Class
10 AM

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jewelry By Rick

Since my blog has been up I have been following Rick's Blog. But I didn't get it come up on my site. Still haven't figured out the links and other things.
Here is the address: http://jewelrybyrick.blogspot.com
After reading be sure to go to the very bottom of the page. You can click and go to the Flickr Photostream page and see more of his jewelry. Some pieces are even for sale. My friend Emogene got the Pink Pearl Necklace and Earrings(not shown). They are georgious and everyone is asking where she got them. Christmas is coming soon!

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My son,Ken,recently retired after 20 years service in the U.S. Navy. I am very proud of him. Good Friends are a Blessing. Red Hats for Jesus is a fun group, so glad to have this fellowship. The Wednesday Breakfast Club(JEWELS)brought me many wonderful friends. Each one is Special. The Weekly Writers Guild is a very important part of my life. I am the leader, since Nicholas, had to give it up to work more hours. Thanks for passing the torch to me. Emma, Elsie, Claudette, Judy, Betty Jo, I enjoy writing  with you. New interest for us has been gained from joining with other writers at their meetings. Hope to gain lots of new friends there.