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Hope you will like my garden.
Planting : words for bulbs and plants, Gods' love and kindness for sturdy stems, poetry for healthy leaves, short stories for plant shape, help from friends for pruning, patience and persistance for beautiful blooms.
I am hoping and planning to grow a full fledged author, from this ground.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Slow Day Today

Today 28 Sept 2009, exercised at Curves and Coffee at Brewers with Emogene. Thought Emogene's Birthday was tomorrow. Got her card made for her and took it to her.
16 Sept Wednesday we went to Rose Boyce's new home, where her neice Wanda helped her make breakfast for our group. What gracious hostess' they were, wonderful food. Her old house was totaled in the tornado two years ago and so we were all glad to see her new place to live. Beautiful!
Thrusday the 17 th, was Red Hats for Jesus meeting, we went to The Mexican Resturuant in Chesterfield Village. Good time.
That same night, Betty Jo, Elsie and I went to Allen Young's Meeting at the Big Library on South Campbell St. Good information.
Saturday 26th Sept,we joined The Springfield Writers Guild for the rest of the year. Enjoyed being there.
Will stop now the coffee is ready.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Online Submission

Thank YOU! Sleuth's Ink members who told me how to do it and Shirley for the e-mail to get it right after getting from word processor to the e-mail page, and Tanna. Yesterday Sunday, I got the e-mail submission sent for the Good Housekeeping Short Story Contest. That is the one listed on Sleuth's Ink Blog. Now the wait. December is when it will be chosen. It had to be in by 15 september 09. Had a couple days left.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleuth's Ink Mystery Writers

09 September 2009
Just finished the Magic, Mystery and Mayhem entry. Also have the 500 word Impromptu Contest. Looking forward to Saturday. "Write-in" sounds fun.

Ozarks Romance Authors

Learning so much. Thanks Ladies! Brenda Minton had really helpful information.


Tuesday 8 September 2009
The Weekly Writers Guild, declares a success! THE QUILL AND INK CLUB, held last Wednesday 2 Sept 2009, had 12 in attendance. Everyone liked hearing our Speaker Donna Baxter. We hope more area writers will have heard about us in the very near future! 7 October 2009 our speaker will be Brenda Brinkley. (I was telling this at Curves this morning, and one of the ladies gave the name of the Farm Magazine,that Brenda writes frequent articles.) Name recognition, Yea !

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My son,Ken,recently retired after 20 years service in the U.S. Navy. I am very proud of him. Good Friends are a Blessing. Red Hats for Jesus is a fun group, so glad to have this fellowship. The Wednesday Breakfast Club(JEWELS)brought me many wonderful friends. Each one is Special. The Weekly Writers Guild is a very important part of my life. I am the leader, since Nicholas, had to give it up to work more hours. Thanks for passing the torch to me. Emma, Elsie, Claudette, Judy, Betty Jo, I enjoy writing  with you. New interest for us has been gained from joining with other writers at their meetings. Hope to gain lots of new friends there.